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Financial Peace University - Trinity Galewood

January 24th - March 21st, 2018


Life is complicated today! And expensive! How does the average person balance a mortgage, car payments, bills, insurance, savings, retirement planning…and also be generous to the needy and the Lord’s work?!?

To help people “get a grip” on their finances, Trinity is offering “Financial Peace University,” a nationally-known, nine-week seminar that has helped literally millions of people achieve financial freedom and stability.

The class will begin on Wednesday, January 24 at 6:30 pm. The first five to sign up are free! (after that, it’s $99 per person or couple). The course meets every Wednesday at 6:30 PM for 9 weeks total.

This course is not just for people with “money problems” – it contains basic (and biblical!) concepts that will benefit people with many years of managing their finances, young people just starting out, and everyone in between!