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SHINE Summer 2019 Events

July 11-27, 2019 $75 - 150
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Dates & Times

  • Jul 11-15, 2019
    6:00am - 9:00pm
  • Jul 20-27, 2019
    6:00am - 9:00pm

Attendee Types

  • National Youth Gathering - Minneapolis, MN (July 11-July 15)
    20 remaining
  • WorkCamp - Knoxville, TN (July 20-July 27)
    10 remaining
  • BOTH TRIPS (National Youth Gathering & WorkCamp)
    9 remaining


We invite you to pray for our students to be open to all that God has to offer them without backing themselves into a corner of where they are currently comfortable. Serving through physical labor is in fact one way to do this, but it is not the only way. Our hope and prayer is that we continue to be extremely blessed in a way that allows ALL of our students to attend both trips to be exposed to different experiences that push them outside of their comfort zones to allow them to develop a deep, life-long, personal relationship with Christ. We recognize that BOTH the Gathering and Workcamp offer a significant spiritual experience for our youth.

BONUS!! We will be offering a discount to youth who plan to attend BOTH TRIPS!

OPTION 1: Attend BOTH Trips
- Total Cost of $1,100.00 with a $150.00 deposit by October 28, 2018.
- Minneapolis, MN & Knoxville, TN
- July 11-15 & 20-27, 2019

OPTION 2: Attend National Youth Gathering
- Total Cost of $600.00 with a $75.00 deposit by October 28, 2018.
- Minneapolis, MN
- July 11-July 15, 2015

OPTION 3: Attend Workcamp
- Total Cost of $675.00 with a $75.00 deposit by October 28, 2018.
- Knoxville, TN
- July 20-July 27, 2019

As always, we work with families through service experiences, scholarships, payment plans, the Big Event and other paths to include as many youth as possible in these faith development experiences. We understand that things add up, especially in households with multiple students.